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Tragic! Beautiful lady killls herself, 8 months old child and partner

A beautiful Black American lady who was a teacher, musician and astrologist has ended it all after alleging that there was going to be an apoc.alypse.

In a tweet that has garnered over 16 million views on X as well as close to 2k comments, Danielle Johnson aka Ayoka shared her controversial thoughts on the end of the world.

She urged her followers and other users of X to accept Christ as their saviour to have a seat in Heaven.

After the viral post on X, Ayoka suffered an unfortunate mental break that led to a murder-suicide of herself, her partner, and their 8-month-old child as a result of her conspiracy theory.

Netizens Reactions

@MimaMilano – I feel like she been had a mental illness or was schizophrenic, then started to dabble in spiritual things she had no business messing with, and shit made her crash out completely.


@JesusChryce – literally jus saw this post & went on IG and heard wat happened in tha span of 10 secs im at a loss for wrds prayers to tht lil girl who survived this horror & to tha baby & father who were murdered this one hurt my heart fr fr


@HotepQueen – What’s crazy is she probably thought she was doing the right thing


@stfukhaleed – We seriously need to start making, putting people in mental hospitals as something normal ngl

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