The NPP has regretted choosing Bawumia as its candidate; they wish to change him, but it is too late – MP

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has expressed regret over the selection of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as their presidential candidate, the Member of Parliament for Ellembelle constituency has claimed.

Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah is alleging that the party would have stripped the candidature of Dr. Bawumia if it had had enough time.

However, the closeness of the presidential and parliamenatry elections makes it impossible for them to do that.

In an exclusive interview via Zoom on Rainbow Radio 93.4FM, UK, the MP explained that the Vice President is marketable, but it is too late for the NPP to change him.

He told host Dr. Ren that Ghanaians, particularly voters, are fed up with his lies.

Refraining from calling him a liar, he said the man who was sold to us as an economic Messiah has turned out to be a failure.

He likened him to a rapper who, in the 2016 elections, went around rapping about how he was going to support President Akufo-Addo to transform the economy.

However, he has excluded himself from the mess that administration has caused and is telling us he is only a driver’s mate and cannot be blamed for what has happened.

He further indicated that unlike Bawumia, Mahama does not believe in a family-and-friends type of government.

“Dr. Bawumia doesn’t have a message. He doesn’t have a record to understand. He was sold as an economic wizard, but check our economic indicators and numbers. He is attacking Mahama because he does not have a message. He lacks integrity, and so Ghanaians don’t listen to him anymore. Ghanaians are not interested in the lies and propaganda anymore. Mahama is focused on his message and how he will transform the country. Bawumia is the same person who has told us that he is against some of the policies of this government and will do better when elected.

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This is illogical. The NPP would have elected a new presidential candidate if they had time because Bawumia is difficult to beat. They are finding it difficult to market him because he has no message. But it is too late for them. To him, the difference between Mahama and Bawumia is that Mahama has values and a positive mindset. He is experienced. His values are unique; he is someone who possesses modesty, humility, honesty, dedication, and believes in Ghana.

Mr. Mahama believes in Ghana; he does not believe in family and friends; he is a competent, exceptional leader, and far superior to Bawumia. He is a hardworking and humble man, dedicated and modest, and the reason he will succeed when he becomes president is because of his commitment to teamwork. He has the ability to put Ghana and Ghanaians first. Dr Bawumia said things that are completely unimaginable. We need a leader who will draw the line and say what he means at times. That is honesty, and that is what makes the difference between Mahama and Bawumia.

By: Rainbowradioonline

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