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Techiman Bicycle Thief Interviewed After Community Tied Rope Around Waist To Clean Gutter

In a viral video available to us at, residents of Techiman took matters into their own hands by catching a bicycle thief and putting him to work cleaning the city’s clogged drains.

The thief was tied with a long rope around his waist and given tools to clear the choked waterways.

As he worked, a local TV station interviewed him, and he took the opportunity to caution his fellow thieves against stealing.

The thief, now turned makeshift city worker, urged others to learn from his mistakes and find honest ways to make a living. The community’s creative punishment has sparked debate about effective ways to address crime and promote rehabilitation.

While some praise the innovative approach, others raise concerns about vigilantism and due process.

The city’s drains, however, are getting a much-needed cleaning. Thanks to the thief!

Check out the video below

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