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Tech analyst urges regulators to engage X on adult content policy

Maximus Ametorgoh, a technology analyst and Digital Lead at Pop Out has called on communication regulators and lawmakers to engage with the owners of X to ensure the social media platform’s content is appropriately censored, particularly to protect young consumers.

This call comes in response to X’s recent announcement of a new policy allowing users to share sexualized content, provided it is consensual and clearly labelled.

Speaking to Citi News, Mr. Ametorgoh emphasised the importance of regulations that safeguard young users from accessing inappropriate content.

He stated, “For a platform like X to come out with this, I think the regulators must take them on. The NCA, stakeholders and all the people involved must come together and instruct X not to allow such in Ghana’s digital space. They the platform themselves have community guidelines, likewise, countries have laws governing how you expose their citizens to certain types of content.”

He also challenged claims that regulatory measures on social media constitute an infringement on freedom of expression.

Maximus Ametorgoh argued that while individuals have the right to express themselves, this right is governed by legal and policy frameworks; hence, freedom does not mean the absence of rules or boundaries, and that responsible expression should comply with established regulations and policies.

“Freedom finds expression within the parameters of the law. You can’t say freedom of expression so you can walk on your heads. All these platforms have policies governing their operations so if you say freedom of expression, the expression has a framework within the law.”

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