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Stratcomm Africa marks International Women’s Day Celebration with special edition of Women S.H.A.R.E

Strategic Communication Africa Limited (Stratcomm Africa), Ghana’s premier total Communication Agency, celebrated International Women’s Day with a special edition of its Women Soaring Higher Achieving Real Excellence (S.H.A.R.E) initiative.

The event, themed “S.H.A.R.E The Power: Invest In HER, Invest In US,” was held on Friday, March 8, 2024, at the Stratcomm Africa office in Accra. The theme for the event aligned both with the global call to “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress” and the campaign theme of “Inspire Inclusion”. It underscores the importance of investing in women’s empowerment and fostering inclusivity.

Participants in the programme included female business executives, female students, female entrepreneurs, homemakers as well as young females looking for work.

The programme commenced with an engaging panel discussion featuring distinguished women leaders across various sectors. Celebrated Entrepreneur Aisha Ayensu, founder and Creative Director of luxury women’s fashion brand Christie Brown, Pearl Nkrumah, Executive Director Retail and Digital Banking at Access Bank (Ghana) PLC, Nadia Bruce-Muller, Educator and Vice Principal for Junior School at Ghana International School, Rica Rwigamba, Country Director for the Mastercard Foundation in Ghana, and Barbara Clemens, Country Director for World Food Programme (WFP) shared their knowledge and experiences.

The session, moderated by Mrs. Sharon Anim, Stratcomm Africa Marketing Communication Manager, covered a wide range of topics, including personal and professional experiences, soft skills that contribute to success, work-life balance, building a support system, social impact, investing in oneself.

 Participants also had the opportunity to design vision boards in respect of their short and long term goals.

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Speakers encouraged women to invest in each other by being each other’s support. Nadia Bruce-Muller, Vice Principal of the Junior School at Ghana International School, shared her perspective on resilience and the importance of nurturing each woman’s unique potential. “When you don’t let certain things cloud your judgment or your heart and you elevate other people, you raise them up, and fix their crowns, it comes back to you as a blessing,” she remarked.

Barbara Clemens, Country Director for the World Food Programme in Ghana, emphasized the power of collaboration and unity. “Once people isolate you, they diminish your impact, you feel lost and powerless,” she remarked.  “We must realize what our power is individually and how infinite the power is if we work together.”

Identifying and leveraging the right networks and mentorships were highlighted as crucial for forging strong bonds and ensuring a sustainable support system for women’s growth and advancement.

Rica Rwigamba, Country Director for the Mastercard Foundation in Ghana, shared insights on the importance of humility and curiosity in women’s advancement “Getting the right networks from different ages, countries, and perspectives, and being able to listen to different view pointsis vital” she said. “Let nobody tell you, you can’t, they are the problem, they know you can. If you fall, you learn,” she added.

Highlighting the need to create impact as women, Aisha Ayensu, Founder and Creative Director of Christie Brown, stressed the importance of collective action in driving progress. “Africa has been trampled upon and is behind on so many things.

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There are so many institutional problems, as well as  mindset issues, that have set us back as a continent. The onus is on every single one of us who knows better or who are in a better position to do something to move the needle a little bit”, she noted.

Pearl Nkrumah, Executive Director of Retail and Digital Banking at Access Bank Ghana PLC, also underscored the significance of impacting society. In her words, “The money in our pockets is not ours. Whatever we have is given so that we can impact,” she said.

Explaining the rationale for S.H.A.R.E., Sharon Anim, Stratcomm Africa’s Marketing Communication Manager, indicated that SHARE provides a platform for women to connect, share experiences, inspire one another, and develop the skills and networks needed to thrive. 

“We are committed to empowering women to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society. This SHARE event marks the first of a series of events planned for the year. This is significant to us at Stratcomm Africa, as we look forward to celebrating  our  30th anniversary under the visionary leadership of a woman, our  Founder and CEO, Ms. Esther A.N Cobbah”.


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