Stay in Ghana and build your dreams, life out there is not greener – Aba Dope

Ghanaian social media influencer Aba Dope has addressed some misconceptions about life abroad, warning that life in other countries is not as glamorous as perceived.

During a live discussion on the ‘Ladies Circle’ on TV3 on April 22, 2024, Aba Dope, real name Aba Martin, narrated the harsh realities that come with living abroad, including the high living costs and challenging work conditions.

“If you consider the monthly bills, the daily transportation, and the fees you have to pay, even what you have to eat, it is never greener there. They just flaunt it like it’s beautiful or it’s easy to attain. But that is not the case,” she said.

She also warned Ghanaians against trusting people offering to help them relocate abroad; as it can sometimes lead to a loss of freedom and independence.

“Someone will say they want to give you their documents to work for them and when you’re done paying, you will be free. You will never have your freedom if you’re not lucky,” she said.

Aba Dope, however, encouraged Ghanaians living in Ghana to start working towards their dreams despite the lack of immediate support. She added that taking the first step could lead to finding help along the way.

“If you are in Ghana and you think you can fulfil your dreams here but unfortunately, you have no help, just start. When you start, you will definitely get a helper,” she advised.

Aba Dope’s comments come amid concerns raised over the exodus of citizens from many African countries, notably Ghana to overseas in search of jobs.

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