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State of road network in Hohoe great concern to government — Dr Letsa

Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa, the Volta Regional Minister, says the government is discussing the state of roads in the Hohoe Municipality to reconstruct at least the Golokuati to Hohoe and Hohoe to Jasikan roads into a better shape to facilitate movement.

He said the road network in the Hohoe Municipality was a great concern to the government as “this beautiful Municipality cannot boast of any single access road.”

Dr. Letsa, speaking during the confirmation of the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) nominee for Hohoe, said the Hohoe-Likpe, Hohoe-Lolobi, as well as Fodome- Hohoe roads were also in bad shape.

The Fodome to Hohoe road, a feeder road, is experiencing the level of access that it was not shaped for, he noted.

“If the Golokuati to Hohoe and Hohoe to Jasikan Roads were put into a decent shape, they would reduce pressure on the Fodome to Hohoe road, which would not see the pressure it is enduring now,” he noted.

Dr. Letsa said he would alert the Roads Minister and the Member of Parliament to see how to begin work on the roads.

Francis Fiakpui, the unanimously confirmed Hohoe MCE, commended his predecessors for the development paths charted and said he would continue from where they left off.

He said the task ahead was huge, especially in ensuring an improvement of fiscal revenue mobilisation and management, promising to improve public expenditure.

Fiakpui pledged to bring efficiency, competitiveness, and diversification into Medium and Small-Scale Enterprises and expansion of the tourism industry.

He said he would ensure the expansion of opportunities for job creation, promote agriculture mechanization and development, and strengthen the institutional and regulatory framework for natural resources management.

Derek Adzoe, the Presiding Member, Hohoe Municipal Assembly, said Hohoe, being a strategic transit point with immense tourist potential, suffered deplorable road conditions on key stretches.

“These roads not only inconvenience travellers but also impede the transportation of goods and services, hindering economic growth,” he said.

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