Serwaa Amihere, Nana Aba were darlings until they ‘handled’ politicians – Ama Ni

Adu Amani, a renowned fashion designer behind the brand ‘Ama Ni,’ has weighed in on the recent wave of criticism directed at Serwaa Amihere and Nana Aba Anamoah.

Amani said that these broadcasters, once revered, faced a shift in public perception after they began holding politicians accountable on various platforms.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Amani expressed disappointment that instead of being admired for their resilience and commitment to practising journalism fearlessly, these two personalities are being targeted. Despite speaking truth to power, they face scrutiny rather than praise.

“Nobody wants to talk about the fact that these two have been a target for a long time due to how they interviewed politicians and their loudness,” said Amani. “The agenda is to silence you when you touch politicians irrespective of gender. They just fell into a trap. People were looking forward to silencing them especially because they are women, a woman in our society should shut up and be humble, they crossed the line.”

Amani’s comments come after an intimate video of Serwaa Amihere was leaked. Since that incident, the news anchor and her mentor, Nana Aba Anamoah have been subjected to backlash and ridicule by a section of the public while others have shown concern by sympathizing with Serwaa.

Joining the chorus of sympathy, Amani expressed concern over the decision by some individuals to vehemently criticize and chastise Serwaa Amihere in these difficult times, stressing that none is without blemish as many, including the critics, have once engaged in things they are not proud of.

In what seemed to be an attempt to expose the double standards of critics, Amani said: “Yes, they mess up, we all do at some point in our lives. We face the consequences… Maybe I’m not sleeping with men but you don’t know how I live my life. We all have things we didn’t work for but we think it is by Grace and God’s favour when we actually stole them or lied to get them.”

According to Amani, it is imperative Serwaa Amihere is comforted instead of crucified considering how sensitive the issue is and the repercussions it could have on the broadcaster.

“We all have our differences so you are free to say anything you want just as I want to equally speak out on this. But in your low times, having people to comfort you is priceless and it may look to you that people are supporting their actions but no, everybody here has someone who will not leave them on the ground,” Amani noted as she questioned the motive behind the incessant backlash.

“What is your end game? Do you want her sacked etc.? It sounds like some of you even want her out of the world. I mean some of you, it is witchcraft. Because I have seen your pastors/politicians etc. exposed yet you practised silence is golden.

“And before you call people out for sympathizing with her, ask yourself, ‘Today if I were in her shoes, who would sympathize with me?’ Should we stone her to death because her video is out?” Amani asked.

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Nana Aba Anamoah is a popular broadcaster who arguably gained prominence following her works on TV3. Among others, she was a news anchor and the host of The Divas Show aired on Saturdays.

Following her departure, she settled with GHOne TV, where she continued as a news anchor and took on additional roles as host of State of Affairs, Starr Chat, and Cheers. Later, she ascended to the position of General Manager.

Nana Aba Anamoah’s impact extends far beyond broadcasting; her charisma and intellect have resonated with many, from ordinary Ghanaian hawkers to beggars, who have either been featured in her reports, benefited from her generosity, or been associated with her in some capacity.

She mentored Serwaa Amihere, grooming her into another formidable force in the media landscape. Serwaa, in addition to her role as a news anchor, has conducted interviews with numerous politicians and prominent figures, establishing herself as one of Ghana’s most influential media personalities.

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