Sarkodie Sets the Record Straight on His Latest Single, “Brag”

Renowned Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has finally addressed the speculation surrounding his latest release, “Brag”.

In a recent interview, the award-winning artist clarified the intent behind his new track, putting to rest the rumors and misconceptions that have been circulating.

According to Sarkodie, “Brag” is not a diss track aimed at his colleagues in the music industry, as some had assumed. Instead, the song is a confident declaration of his accomplishments and a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft.

Sarkodie explained that the title “Brag” refers to his rightful pride in his achievements, rather than arrogance or disrespect towards others.

He emphasized his desire to inspire and motivate his fans to strive for excellence, just as he has done throughout his career.

With this clarification, Sarkodie has put to rest the speculation and controversy surrounding “Brag”, allowing listeners to appreciate the song for its intended message and purpose.

As one of Ghana’s most celebrated artists, Sarkodie continues to push boundaries and inspire with his music.

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Source: RG Exclusive

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