Rapper Phrimpong storms out of live TV show after dousing pundit with drink in response to insult

Ghanaian rapper Phrimpong lost his temper during a conversation on Joy Prime’s ‘On a More Serious Note’ on Friday when entertainment pundit Alexander Fifi Abaka made a comment the musician deemed disrespectful.

Per the snippet which has gone viral on social media, Fifi Abaka recalled a rap battle that occurred in 2018 involving Phrimpong and another rapper, suggesting that Phrimpong suffered a setback in the rap scene and had resorted to singing instead.

Phrimpong took offence to this remark, especially when the pundit made a derogatory reference to the musician’s grandmother, leading to laughter from the host and further exacerbating the tension.

Visibly angered by the disrespect shown on live television, the musician repeatedly urged the pundit to refrain from such behaviour.

However, when Fifi Abaka persisted and asked if Phrimpong remembered the past beef, the musician retaliated by dousing the pundit with a drink from the cup he was holding amid unprintable words.

Following the altercation, Phrimpong stormed out of the show in frustration amid shocked reactions from the host and crew.

Here’s a transcription of what ensued on set:

Pundit: “You finally resurrected from the dead after Local killed you.”

Musician: “When?”

Pundit: “When? 2018.”

Musician: “Oh, we’re talking about this year [2024] and you’re talking about 2018.”

Pundit: “See him! I’m telling you the reality on the ground.”

Host: “What happened?”

Pundit: “There was a beef. I was literally trolling him. That’s how come he’s not rapping anymore. That’s why he came here singing.”

Musician: “Me?”

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Pundit: “No, your grandmother. I’m talking to you and you’re asking me ‘Me?’”

[Both the pundit and the hosts, KMJ and Saminiwaa, laughed over the ‘your grandmother’ insult.]

Musician: “Don’t do that. Why would you do that on live TV?”

Pundit: “But you don’t remember?”

Musician: “Don’t do that on live TV.”

Pundit: “You don’t remember?”

Musician: “No, just don’t be stupid on live TV. It’s disrespectful.”

[He then doused the pundit with a drink in a cup he, the musician, was holding amid cussing. The musician angrily exited.]


Phrimpong has, however, apologised for his conduct. In a statement issued on his Instagram page, he said: “My actions were unprofessional and disrespectful, and I deeply regret any inconvenience and discomfort caused to the panel, the show hosts, and the viewers.

“Please know that I take full responsibility for my actions. I am committed to ensuring that such an incident never occurs again and I am taking steps to better manage my conduct in future engagements.”

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