Patapaa Claps Back at Critics: “My Songs Are Sensible, You’re Just Not Listening”

Ghanaian musician Patapaa has had enough of the criticism.

In a recent interview, he fired back at those who claim his songs lack sense, saying that the problem lies not with his music, but with the listeners themselves.

“If you say my songs don’t make sense, then you’re the one who’s not making sense,” Patapaa declared. “My music is a reflection of my life, my experiences, and my observations. If you’re not paying attention, that’s not my problem.”

The ‘One Corner’ hitmaker pointed out that his songs often tackle serious issues like love, heartbreak, and social justice, but are packaged in a way that makes them accessible and enjoyable for a wide audience.

He challenged his critics to look beyond the surface level and engage with the substance of his music.

The musician’s response has sparked a lively debate about the nature of art and the role of the listener in interpreting creative works.

While some have praised Patapaa’s passion and commitment to his craft, others have continued to criticize his music as shallow and lacking in depth.

Regardless, Patapaa remains unapologetic and dedicated to his art, insisting that his songs are sensible and meaningful to those who take the time to truly listen.


Source: RG Exclusive

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