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One-week-old baby reportedly stolen from district hospital in Upper East region [Video]

A shocking incident at Zebilla District Hospital in the Bawku West district of the Upper East Region saw a one-week-old baby allegedly stolen on Saturday.

The infant, born to Felicia Dery, was taken under alarming circumstances, highlighting critical lapses in hospital security protocols.

Zangina Grace, a midwife on duty, narrated the sequence of events to Adom News.

According to her, the baby’s mother gave birth on May 25, 2024, at the hospital.

On Saturday evening, the mother, having befriended a stranger posing as a patient’s relative, entrusted her baby to the stranger while she took a bath. It was later discovered that this imposter had a male accomplice.

“When she returned, the man and the lady were not to be found. They left with the baby. So it has been very sad,” stated Grace.

She emphasized the oddity of the situation, noting the misplaced trust. “A mother who came to deliver through a C-section met some strange people who befriended her. She left her baby with them to go and have her bath, and when she returned, they had disappeared.”

Grace further lamented the hospital’s lack of adequate security measures.

She revealed that the absence of CCTV cameras and proper fencing made it easier for such incidents to occur unnoticed.

Meanwhile, the midwife also advised stricter visitor regulations, suggesting that adhering to visiting hours and limiting visitors could prevent similar incidents in the future.

The baby’s father also spoke to Adom News, providing additional details on how the culprits were identified and apprehended.

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“She left her ID cards, and that was how we were able to identify her. They circulated it, and that was how they caught her. I wanted to see her, but the police didn’t allow me to enter the station,” he explained.

Nonetheless, Dr. Ayobi Abdul-Rahaman, the Medical Superintendent of Zebilla District Hospital, confirmed the incident, stating that the police were immediately notified and have since apprehended the suspects along with the baby, who has been safely recovered.

“We had an unforeseen incident where someone was able to outwit a mother and steal her baby. During visiting hours, she gained the mother’s trust, who gave her baby to take her bath. When she returned, the baby was gone. Through timely community intervention, we have apprehended the suspect, and the baby is safe in our custody. The suspect has since been arrested by the police,” Dr. Abdul-Rahaman stated.


Source: adomonline

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