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No wonder Akufo-Addo sacked you – TUC tackles Adei on ‘ignorant, morbidly hateful’ anti-Ghanaian worker sentiments

The Ghana Trade Union Congress (TUC), in a statement signed and issued by its Secretary General, Dr Yaw Baah, on Friday, April 19, 2024, has accused the former Board Chair of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Prof Stephen Adei, of harbouring morbid hatred for the Ghanaian worker.

The former head of the National Development Planning Commission recently noted that Togolese workers were more productive than Ghanaian workers.

This comment, he said, the TUC finds insulting and disrespectful to Ghanaian workers.

“You are on a mission to discredit Ghanaian workers at the least opportunity. You have been deliberate and consistent in attacking workers and courting public disaffection for them. The working people of Ghana will not tolerate your attacks any longer,” the TUC warned Prof Adei.

The union added: “It is not too difficult to detect that you have a morbid hatred for Ghanaian workers. You do not hide your disdain for trade unions. What you fail to recognise is that your hatred and disdain for workers and their unions have completely eclipsed your judgement on issues of industrial relations and national development.”

“For the most part, Professor, you have no idea of the context and history in respect of the issues workers and their unions are grappling with and you will not take your time to listen and to learn. You impulsively jump into the conversation betraying your ignorance and biases. In the process, the claims you make against workers and unions are only figments of your clouded and biased imaginations”, the TUC statement said.

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“We find it very strange and unfortunate that a Ghanaian professor of your calibre could make such statements about the working people of Ghana who are sacrificing so much for the development of the country.”

“You should know that being a professor does not entitle you to profess opinions about everything under the sun…We wonder what you want to achieve with such negative statements about Ghanaian workers. It comes as no surprise to us, therefore that the president has been swift in kicking you out of the state institutions he appointed you to lead,” the statement added.


Source: classfmonline.com

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