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Ndego Has No Land At Millennium City …Fetteh Chiefs To Lands Commission

Abusuapain of Abor Twidan Royal Family of Gomoa Fetteh, Nana Kofi Ahomka has revealed that, the stool has not given any 2,500 acres of land to Winnebood Ndego while Kofi Asmah has also register over 18,000 of land without the knowledge of the stool.

Traditional authorities of Gomoa Fetteh are blaming the lands commission for the growing landguard menace and protracted land disputes in the area. The council says the outfit has failed to be proactive and exercise due diligence in its operations.

The Gomoa Fetteh area particularly Millenium City has become a hotspot for land disputes.

Violent confrontations on land is commonly witnessed in the area. A few weeks ago a military officer Lance Corporal Michael Danso died after he was shot multiple times during one of such confrontations further escalating tension and intensifying the fear of property owners and developers in the area.

The deceased military officer is reported to have accompanied two other colleagues of his to help secure a land that was under litigation but being developed by a litigant party for one of the litigating parties.

He was however shot by the Gyaasehene of Gomoa Bantama Nana Barimah Ababio while attempting to drive off from the Millenium City police station.

Currently, the Awutu, Gomoa and Effutu traditional authorities in the Central Region including Ngleshie Amanfro in the Greater Accra Region are litigating each other over land boundaries.

There’s also a long-standing dispute between these traditional authorities and some estate developers which lingers on despite several years of legal tussles.

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Speaking to the media on these issues a member of the Traditional, Abusuapain of Abor Awusi Twidan ROYAL family of Gomoa Fetteh Nana Kofi Ahomka revealed that, the late Nana Abor Awusi gave 3,000 acres of land to Kofi Asmah but he has register additional 18,000 making 21,000 acres which resulted in the land disputes in the area.

He strongly believes that but for the hesitant posture exhibited by the lands commission in helping to institute court rulings that clearly define boundaries for respective traditional authorities and some estate developers the recent shooting wouldn’t have occurred and thus calling on government to ensure that the commission is up to task.

Meanwhile, the traditional council has expressed displeasure over the attempt of some persons to impugn their image through the media. Despite condemning the killing of the military officer at Millenium City a few days after the incident, the council says some media personalities are branding the chiefs as landguards and also offering their platforms for their opponents to propagate same.

The traditional council says it has not despised its initial position and condemns the killing but entreating all to remain calm as the court handles the substantive matter.


Source: The New Crusading Guide Online

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