NDC Fights EC For Stopping Agents From Monitoring Voter Transfer

The Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is urging its members across the country to defy the directive from the Electoral Commission barring party agents from observing the ongoing voter transfer exercise.

The EC is asking its Regional Directors to inform District Directors that agents of political parties will not be allowed to observe the ongoing transfer of votes.

This directive is set to take effect on Monday, June 3.

According to the EC, this decision comes in response to several clashes that have occurred at its district offices, which the commission aims to prevent further disturbances and ensure a smooth vote transfer process.

The EC also emphasised that while party agents will not be permitted to observe the process, the Commission is still committed to transparency.

The EC said they will provide copies of the transferred voter list to political parties and candidates upon request, adding that the move is intended to balance the need for order and security at district offices with the requirement to keep political parties informed about the transfer of votes, thus maintaining the integrity of the electoral process.

But the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in a statement issued and signed by the party General Secretary, Fifi Fiavi Kwetey rubbished the EC statement directing them to disallow agents of political parties from observing the ongoing voter transfer exercise.

The National Democratic Congress rather urged all its agents across the country to defy and disregard the directive by the Electoral Commission, by tasking “All structures of the party, particularly Regional and Constituency Secretariats, are hereby directed to deploy NDC agents to all district offices of the EC to closely monitor the ongoing voter transfer exercise”.

In the statement, the NDC General Secretary said “We find this directive outrageous and calculated to aid gerrymandering through illegal voter transfers. It is sad that the Electoral Commission, which is supposed to be a neutral umpire and a champion of transparency in our electoral processes, has opted for opacity in such an important electoral exercise”.

According to the NDC, “What do the Electoral Commission and the NPP have to hide that they do not want Agents of political parties to observe the ongoing voter transfer exercise?”.

The NDC said, “Political party agents play an important role in promoting transparency and deepening confidence in our electoral system, so the actions of the EC must enhance the important role of political party agents, and not seek to diminish it”.

“In our view, an insistence on this directive by the Electoral Commission can only be in furtherance of the suspected devious and sinister agenda of the Commission to manipulate the processes leading to the 2024 elections”.

“With Eagle Eyes, the NDC shall remain vigilant through our trusted agents across the country and resist any attempt by the EC to engage in gerrymandering or manipulate the processes leading to the upcoming 2024 elections”.

“Regional and Constituency Secretariats are further directed to institute adequate measures to protect party agents and resist any acts of intimidation, harassment and/or attacks on them,” Fifi Kwetey lamented in the statement.

-BY Daniel Bampoe

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