Kwaw Kese Sparks Controversy: “I’m Ready to Sell My Vote” in 2024 Elections

Ghanaian musician Kwaw Kese has sparked controversy with his recent statement that he is willing to sell his vote in the 2024 elections.

In a bold and unapologetic declaration, Kwaw Kese stated, “If you can’t sell your vote, then don’t vote at all.”

The artist, known for his outspoken nature, made the comment in a recent interview on Rainbow Radio’s Mid-Morning Show, leaving many to wonder if he was serious or simply trying to stir up attention. While some have praised his honesty, others have criticized his stance, arguing that it undermines the integrity of the electoral process.

According to Kwaw, political leaders enter government to accumulate fortune for themselves, their families, cronies, and friends, so it is high time citizens sold their ballots.

Kwaw Kese opined that politicians come to the people, promising them heaven but delivering hell.

Kwaw Kese’s statement has sparked a heated debate on social media, with many Ghanaians weighing in on the issue. While some argue that voting is a sacred right that should not be bought or sold, others see it as a commodity that can be negotiated.

It remains to be seen how Kwaw Kese’s statement will impact the 2024 elections, but one thing is certain – it has sparked a necessary conversation about the value and integrity of Ghana’s electoral process.


Source; RG Exclusive

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