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Juapong ECG cautions public on network interference

The Juapong District of the Electricity Company of Ghana, located under Tema, has issued a warning to the public to refrain from tampering with the power distributor’s network, as such actions pose risks to the company, customers, and the general public.

This warning was prompted by the district’s discovery that a 200KVA transformer in Asikuma, a town within its jurisdiction, had experienced a fuse burnout, which was meant to protect the transformer.

The discovery was made on Saturday, May 18, 2024 after it came to the company’s attention that individuals, possibly non-company electricians, frequently tamper with the distribution network, especially during outages, in an attempt to restore power.

However, this practice is hazardous, as these individuals may not be familiar with the specific network design of that area.

The Juapong District Engineer, Ing. Rejoice Garfo, emphasized this warning on a stakeholder WhatsApp platform for those in the district.

She urged that “if such interference continues, the entire transformer could be damaged. This would result in customers being without power until a new transformer is installed.”

The Juapong District Manager, Ing. William Ahenkorah, mentioned that “replacing these transformers consumes significant company resources, diverting funds from other projects and straining the company’s finances.”

Ing. Ahenkorah also stressed that before any work is done on the distribution network, the team ensures that power is switched off when necessary.

He explained, “This is crucial to prevent accidents, injuries, and potential fatalities. Just imagine if an unauthorized individual attempts to work on the network during an outage and the power is suddenly restored. This could result in loss of life.”

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Ing. Ahenkorah is therefore advising customers and the public to report any power supply issues, outages, or related problems to the ECG for resolution, rather than taking matters into their own hands.


Source: Michael Oberteye

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