Jack Alolome reveals how Opambour suspected his wife of flatulence and made his junior pastor sniff her buttocks in church

Gospel musician, Jack Alolome has made a recollection of an incident that occurred in the church of controversial man of God, Opambour.

Speaking on Accra FM which sighted, Jack Alolome disclosed that he last visited the man of God’s church and the unexpected happened.

According to the gospel musician, during the church service, the noticed a foul stench which was believed to be a flatulence.

To find the source of the flatulence, Jack Alolome said Opambour asked one of his junior pastors to sniff the buttocks of everyone in the church.

“Opambour is a very sharp guy with a sharp eyesight. We were sitting and all of a sudden, he asked that all the pastors stand up. ‘Can’t you see [sic] this place is smelling? Who has flatulated here? Pastor Chief, sniff everyone’s buttocks,” Jack Alolome recounted.

He added that Opambour asked his Junior pastor to sniff the buttocks of his wife, saying that he does not trust his wife, just like any other person.

“So he had to bend his head and sniff everyone out one after the other. He [Opambour] even said “Sniff my wife too, I don’t trust her,” he said.

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