I’m not responsible for Junior US death, I stabbed him out of self-defense – Showboy gives full details

Musician Sam Safo, better known as Showboy, has shared his detailed account of the infamous altercation with Junior US that led to his imprisonment.

Refuting claims that he provoked, fought, and was responsible for Junior US’s death, Showboy explained that it was Junior US who initiated the confrontation in his home.

Describing their initial meeting and the events leading to their dispute, Showboy revealed his immediate dislike for Junior US, whom he met through Criss Waddle.

Despite Junior US’s persistent attempts to befriend him, Showboy tried to keep his distance.

On the day of the altercation, Showboy recounted how he tried to eject Junior US from his apartment, which escalated into a violent confrontation.

In a conversation with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM, Showboy detailed how Junior US attacked him with a knife, forcing him to defend himself.

“He wasn’t my friend. We met at a nightclub through Criss Waddle. I opposed bringing him into my circle. When Junior was at my place, I asked him to leave, which angered him. He accused me of disrespect and attacked me. Junior was very strong and attacked me with a knife. I had to defend myself, and there’s video evidence of the incident. After he attacked me, I grabbed scissors and stabbed him in the ribs before escaping.

“Later, his friend Bright Kankam told me Junior’s condition was critical and asked me to help take him to a hospital. When I returned, it was a setup for revenge. Junior attacked me again, and I barely escaped.

“Showboy continued, “Junior was hospitalized, and as his condition worsened, the authorities got involved. They accused me of stabbing Junior in a parking lot after an argument about cannabis. My criminal history didn’t help. Initially facing a 40-year sentence, a video showing my self-defense reduced my sentence to 15 years, later adjusted to 6 years.”

Showboy insists he had no role in Junior US’s death.

“After my sentencing, Junior US died two weeks later. He was robbed and killed by women he invited to his apartment. This gave the impression I orchestrated a vendetta against him.”

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