I watch po*n to learn new techniques – Ghanaian Radio Presenter

Ghanaian radio personality, Animwaa Anim-Addo has indicated that she watches p*rnography.

According to her, she watches the adult movie in order to learn some techniques and skills to better her craft.

“I’ve watched po*n. I go to watch for skills. For example, when twerking became a thing and the bouncing thing became a thing, I went to look at a few videos to see how I can learn how to yeah..

On whether she learnt anything from watching po*nography she said “I don’t think so but when we have an episode on getting older, no I don’t think that is about getting older but I mean yes, I remember when I was getting married and I thought okay I am out of tactics, I did go and watch a few sites to see if I can pick a few techniques on different things. So most of the time if and when I have watched p*rn there is usually an objective for it.

I do that for two reasons. One, I’m very aware of how addictive it can be and two also because of how unrealistic it is and I think that the whole porn setup is not necessarily geared towards a woman’s s*xual arousal because there is not enough tenderness”.



from MyNewsGH

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