I want to marry a man who will worship me – Ahuofe Patricia

Actress Priscilla Opoku Agyeman, known as Ahuofe Patricia in showbiz circles, recently opened up about what she values in a potential husband.

She emphasized the importance of a man who prioritizes her in his life, stating that she is drawn to such individuals for a relationship.

In an interview on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning show with Roselyn Felli, Ahuofe Patricia highlighted her upbringing as the only child of her mother, where she received exceptional care. This background has made it crucial for her to seek a partner who treats her well.

She expressed her desire for a partner who cherishes and respects her, saying, “I want someone who will adore me as if I’m the most precious thing to him. Being my mom’s only child, I’ve been pampered, so I expect that level of adoration.”

When questioned about whether financial status matters alongside adoration, Ahuofe Patricia humorously responded, “If you attend church, don’t you sing praises during offering sessions? So, adoration can compensate if financial stability is lacking.”

Additionally, she mentioned that generosity is a trait she values in a potential husband.

Despite societal expectations and criticisms regarding her single status, Ahuofe Patricia is comfortable with her current relationship status.

She feels no rush to marry but remains open to the idea if it aligns with God’s plan and she finds the right partner.

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