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Gunshots, cutlass wounds, and attempted arson – Pastor’s near-death experience

Pastor Kingsley Gyamfi, who until the death of Dr. Grace Boadu was the boyfriend of the Grace Gift Herbal Hospital and Laboratory owner, has recalled how he narrowly escaped death in 2012 as he claimed to have survived gunshots and cutlass wounds for being a miner.

Now a gospel minister, Kingsley in an interview on The Delay Show, aired on April 20, 2024, said the incident happened during John Mahama’s tenure when the president decided to fight illegal mining.

According to him, when virtually everyone had succumbed to an order not to mine, he was resolute because he had a license to operate.

His insistence on continuing mining, as he explained, angered a Manso Nkwanta policeman whose name remained undisclosed. The preacher recounted how this officer made a phone call when Kingsley decided to drive away during their confrontation.

According to him, the policeman claimed to the person on the other end of the line that Kingsley’s vehicle was stolen and that Kingsley himself was an armed robber.

This false accusation led to an attack on Kingsley and his companion.

In his interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) which GhanaWeb monitored, he narrated: “In 2012, President Mahama aimed to stop mining, but I continued mining because I had a license. There was a police officer who couldn’t understand why everyone had stopped mining except me. During the confrontation, he challenged me, and I told him it was unnecessary because I knew his commander, so I preferred to engage with his commander instead.”

He continued: “As soon as I drove off in my newly purchased car with a DV plate, he made a phone call claiming that my car was a stolen vehicle and that the occupants were armed robbers. This led to gunfire because nobody knew who was in the car. He also fired some shots, and because of his call, barriers were mounted at nearby towns to prevent us from escaping.

“We fled into the bush. While there, an announcement was made that armed robbers (referring to us) had entered the bush, prompting them to come after us. I told the person I was with that it would be safer to return to the township because if they caught us in the bush, they might kill us.

“Before we could reach the township, they caught us and questioned us. Despite our insistence that we were not armed robbers, they inflicted pain on us with cutlasses.

“Fortunately, they decided to move us from the bush to the town. As we were being moved, they kept declaring that they had apprehended armed robbers.”

Kingsley Gyamfi further stated that when the commander was informed about the incident, he also drove towards the scene.

“He [the commander] didn’t know who was involved. When he arrived at the scene, he recognized me, mentioned my name and asked for details. I explained the situation, but there was a misunderstanding, and the people were reluctant to let us go. Eventually, a gun battle ensued between the police and the people because they refused to release us.

“We managed to escape and reach the Manso Nkwanta Police Station, but the locals refused to accommodate us, claiming we were criminals. There was a conflict between the locals and the police, but ultimately, the police ensured our safety, allowing us to escape death,” he claimed.

This claim was on the back of his statement that he possesses a lot of spiritual powers that have enabled him to manage his ministry. He noted that he started having revelations when he was young, which helped him escape a lot of troubles that came his way.

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These included road accidents and the mining incident. The pastor warned that anyone who intends to attack his personality will end up losing his or her life because of his ‘powerful’ spiritual status.

“I started seeing spiritual things when I was very young. I have survived a lot of death situations, like accidents, gunshots, and others.

“I possess a lot of powers; it started at a young age. I can have a revelation. If you tempt me, you will die,” said Pastor Kingsley Gyamfi.

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