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Former EC Chair Charlotte Osei installed as Safohen

The former chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Charlotte Kesson-Smith Osei, has been installed as Safohen of Nkum Asafo Group Number 4.

In a post on Facebook announcing her enstoolment on Saturday, June 8, Ms Osei wrote, “Safohen Nana Ama Kesson #nkumasafo #4.”

The post was accompanied by photos of her dressed in a beautiful kente as a Queen Mother, holding a whip symbolising leadership.

In a separate post, the former EC Chairperson expressed her joy at this year’s Fetu Afahye, scheduled for September 1 to 7, 2024.

Fetu Afahye is an annual festival celebrated by the people and chiefs of the Cape Coast Traditional Area in the Central Region of Ghana.

Preparation for the festival starts in the last week of August. During this period, the Oguaa Traditional Area receives many visitors from all walks of life, as well as people from different parts of the country or abroad who are natives of the Oguaa state. The actual celebration takes place on the first Saturday of September.

Prior to the main celebration, the Omanhen (chief) is confined for a week.

During this period, he meditates and asks for wisdom from the creator (Aboadze) and the ancestors.

He also seeks medical attention from his physician to ensure he is physically and mentally fit for the upcoming activities.

At the end of the Omanhen’s confinement, he appears in public with pomp and dignity and goes to the stool house to pour libation, seeking blessings from the 77 gods of the Oguaa state, who are believed to steer the affairs of the Oguaa Traditional Area.

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