Felix Owusu Recruits Quarme Zaggy On A New Song ‘Seniwa’

Highlife music enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice as the legendary Felix Owusu graces the music scene with his latest masterpiece. Titled “Seniwa,” this classic highlife song showcases Owusu’s timeless talent and is a testament to his status as a true icon in the genre. The track, featuring highlife superstar Quarme Zaggy, is a heartfelt tribute to the extraordinary qualities of Owusu’s beloved partner.

Produced by the renowned Catabo Records, “Seniwa” promises to captivate audiences with its enchanting melodies and soulful lyrics.With a career spanning several decades, Felix Owusu has become synonymous with authentic highlife music. “Seniwa” is a testament to Owusu’s unwavering dedication to the genre and his ability to consistently deliver exceptional compositions.

The song seamlessly blends traditional highlife elements with modern production techniques, creating a sound that appeals to both old and new generations of music lovers. Owusu’s smooth vocals, coupled with Quarme Zaggy’s unique style, create a harmonious collaboration that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

“Seniwa” is another remarkable addition to Felix Owusu’s illustrious discography, reaffirming his status as a highlife legend. This collaboration with Quarme Zaggy showcases the timeless beauty of the genre and solidifies Owusu’s position as an influential figure in the industry.

With its captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics, “Seniwa” is set to charm audiences and reignite their love for authentic highlife music.


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