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FBI arrested two Ghanaian Slay Queens for running a $6 million romance scam

Whitney Adams a.k.a, Girl Boss, and her mother, Flavia Annang, are reported to have connived with the scammers from Ghana to scam particularly elderly or older men in the U.S.

The document also stated that Whitney is an Accra-based lady known specifically on Snapchat for her lavish lifestyle which includes frequenting Dubai for luxurious vacations at 5-star locations.

This was contained in U.S court documents with case number 1:22-mj-01123.

According to the details contained in the document, these fraudulent activities took place between July 2018 and April 2022.

“From a time unknown, but by at least July 2018, and through April 7, 2022, in the District of Arizona, and elsewhere, FLAVIA ANNANG, WHITNEY ADAMS, and their co-conspirators conducted a romance/inheritance scam,” the document said in part.

The report gave a breakdown of how much people were scammed, such as a victim who gave out $283,000 between 2018 to 2020.

Also, another victim is said to have doled out about $5,000,000 between 2015 and 2022 with the hope that he was helping his online lover to collect a gold inheritance worth $10,000,000.

“Victim #1, age 67, resides in Sierra Vista, Arizona and fell victim to an inheritance scam in which he believed he was sending money for fees to release an inheritance belonging to his online girlfriend. Bank records show that between July 2018 and June 2020, Victim #1 sent more than $283,000 to various individuals via wire transfers and other means in an unsuccessful effort to claim the inheritance. Victim #1 sent some of his money to Gulit Bonx Enterprise, Inc., in Massachusetts. Examination of Guilt’s bank records showed that Victim #2 also sent money to Gulit”.

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Detailing the modus operandi of the gang, the FBI document explained how they played on fake romance to dupe their victims.

“Unknown co-conspirators created phony online dating profiles and personas to engage in online chats, text messaging, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls, and otherwise with unwitting Victims located in the United States in efforts to convince those Victims they were involved in an online romantic relationship with a real person.

“These unwitting Victims were usually elderly or older men. ANNANG’s and ADAMS’ co-conspirators then convinced the Victims to send money to, or on behalf of, those fake romantic partners to collect a fake inheritance that was supposedly due to the romantic partner.

“The Victims believed the money was to pay attorney’s fees, customs duties, government fees, taxes, or other expenses related to “releasing” the inheritance and were often told that they would share in the ultimate inheritance or that the receipt of the “inheritance” proceeds would allow the fake romantic partner to join the Victim in the United States.

“The co-conspirators provided the Victims with addresses to mail checks to and bank accounts to wire money or deposit checks to, which were controlled by ANNANG, ADAMS, or other co-conspirators. ANNANG, ADAMS, and the co-conspirators then fraudulently transferred and/or kept the Victims’ money and no “inheritance” proceeds were ever remitted in exchange,” it said.

Other details from the document showed that Flavia Annang, who is Whitney’s mother, is U.S.-based.

After their arrest, the two have been detained as a Maryland court hears their case.

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Additional information from showed that

“throughout the conspiracy, ANNANG and ADAMS were located in Maryland and traveled to Ghana on occasion. On July 21, 2020, ANNANG was recorded as the Registered Agent for Flavy Merchandising LLC with the Maryland Department of State Business Registration (MDSBR).

“On January 11, 2021, ADAMS was recorded as the Registered Agent for McWells Auto Logistics, LLC with the MDSBR. Both ANNANG and ADAMS opened and managed several domestic bank accounts in order to receive and negotiate funds sent by Victims of these fraudulent romance schemes.

“When ANNANG and ADAMS received Victim funds, they would use their various bank accounts to accept bank wire or bank deposits, or deposit checks received via the mail, and then disperse the funds to other accounts or to locations outside of the United States, all at least in part to conceal the nature, source, and control of those assets,” it added.

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