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Election 2024: Uphold fairness and honesty or risk negative outcomes – Duncan-Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, the Founder and Presiding Archbishop of Action Chapel International, has urged stakeholders to uphold honesty and fairness in this election year.

He warned that failure to adhere to these principles could have negative consequences.

He highlighted the high levels of pain and suffering in the country, which have led to a significant number of doctors and nurses emigrating.

During a meeting with John Dramani Mahama and the Christian Ecumenical Council in Accra on Monday, Archbishop Duncan-Williams said, “There is too much pain and suffering in this country. All our doctors and nurses are leaving.”

He added, “We just pray that things will be well handled and managed in transparency and fairness that we will not end up being refugees in any other country. Because without proper fairness and honesty and transparency, things may fall out of hand.”

He also cautioned political parties not to underestimate the capabilities of Ghanaians during this election year.

He justified his caution by referring to the events he witnessed in the country as well as the ongoing disturbances in parts of the country, including Bawku.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams warned that if things were not properly managed and political parties acted solely in their own interests, such actions would not be accepted by Ghanaians.

“Nobody should think that the Ghanaian is a very gentle, don’t like trouble human being. It’s not true, because I saw what happened in 79 and 81 and they were Ghanaians and some of the violence and murders and unrest in a certain part of this country like what’s going on in Bawku and other places, they are all Ghanaians.”

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