Ejisu by-election: Google my name and you will see what I have done – MP aspirant to critics

Maame Yaa Gyamerah Aboagye, the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) parliamentary aspirant for Ejisu, has responded to critics questioning her residency in the constituency in the lead-up to the upcoming by-election.

Aboagye, who is vying for the vacant seat following the passing of the Member of Parliament John Kumah, has faced scrutiny over allegations that she does not reside within the constituency.

However, speaking in an interview on Oyerepa TV on April 10, 2024, she defended her candidacy, asserting that Ejisu needs a representative who is well-connected in the capital city of Accra.

She emphasized that she is the most suitable candidate for the position, capable of leveraging her networks to bring development to the region.

The NPP election to get a representative for the by-election, scheduled for April 13, 2024, has garnered attention, with nine aspirants cleared to contest for the replacement of the late MP and Deputy Finance Minister, John Kumah.

Read excerpts of her conversation with the journalist below

Journalist: You’re referring to Bonwire as your home region, but your critics argue that you’re not truly connected to the constituency because you reside in Accra. They suggest that upon hearing about the vacancy of the seat, you decided to contest yet you’re well-known in Accra but nobody knows you in Ejisu.

Maame Yaa: Well, you see this is an election so definitely one way or the other people will just say things to discredit others. I come from Bonwire, from Nifahene’s house.

Journalist: They contend that although you originate from here, you don’t reside here.

Maame Yaa: In Accra, all the ministries are there, Parliament is in Accra, and everything is in Accra.

So, they need someone who has links and connections in Accra, because if I become an MP, Parliament is not in Ejisu. I have to go to Accra to work there and bring developments here in the constituency. I live in Accra and it is in Accra that all works and big opportunities are. If we will get contracts in this town, they will come from Accra. Whatever that comes to your constituency comes from Accra.

But even though I live in Accra, if you google my name, you will realize the good works that I have done, even if they can’t see that in Ejisu, all over the country I have worked.

The upcoming by-election in the Ejisu Constituency is scheduled for 30 April 2024. The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has decided not to participate in the by-election.

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