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#DumsorMustStop Vigil: Convenors Stand Firm on Revolution Square Despite Police Objections

The convenors of the upcoming Dumsor vigil, led by actress and activist Yvonne Nelson, have rejected the Ghana Police Service’s proposal to move the protest from the Revolution Square to the Independence Square.

The vigil, scheduled for May 25, aims to protest the resurgence of erratic power cuts in the country.

According to the police, the Revolution Square is a security zone due to its proximity to the Jubilee House, and the protest could endanger public safety and order.

However, the convenors argue that the Revolution Square is a symbol of Ghana’s history and struggle for independence, making it an appropriate venue for the protest.

Yvonne Nelson emphasized that the protest is a peaceful demonstration of the frustrations of Ghanaians over the unacceptable erratic electricity supply. She added that the protest aims to give the president a firsthand experience of the debilitating effects of the power outages.

The standoff between the police and the convenors raises concerns about the freedom of assembly and the right to protest in Ghana. The convenors remain resolute in their decision to hold the vigil at the Revolution Square, while the police insist on the Independence Square as the alternative venue.

As the protest date approaches, it remains to be seen how the situation will unfold and whether a compromise can be reached between the two parties.



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