#Dumsormuststop: Celebrities didn’t show up because they can’t bite a hand that feeds them – DKB

Comedian, DKB is of the view that colleagues in the creative industry did not come out in their numbers because they don’t want to bite a finger that feeds them.

He believes most of his creative colleagues have benefitted one way or the other from the current government so they have to be quiet about the challenges the country is faced with.

“You pose yourself as neutral and we believe you. We did it in NDC time, NPP is here and we want to do it again to get our rights and they are nowhere to be found.

Of course, we know that you’ve shown party colours and you’ve benefitted from it therefore you can’t come and bite the finger that feeds you. All I want to say is there is no problem showing your party colours. Some of us are neutrals, we don’t care and we will come out to speak at the right time.

So don’t act like a neutral when you’re not because it is annoying and deceptive. We are here and where are they?” he questioned.

Yvonne Nelson led some Ghanaians to drum home the need for the government to keep the lights on.

Unlike the Dumsor Must Stop Vigil held when John Dramani Mahama was President, the vigil did not get the numbers expected on the day.

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