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Clash with Immigration officials: GPHA reprimands errant officers – Official

The Ghana Ports and Habours Authority (GPHA) says it has taken full responsibility for the actions of its security personnel who were involved in a fight with Ghana Immigration Officers and that persons involved have “since been reprimanded.”

This comes on the back of a confrontation that erupted between security personnel from the GPHA and officials from the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) at the Tema port, culminating in a physical altercation.

Video footage shared online captured the tense exchange between the two factions at the GPHA Security and Immigration Service office.

According to reports, tensions flared when approximately 12 GPHA security members stationed at the Meridian Port Services (MPS) allegedly entered the GIS office at MPS to apprehend two officers following a dispute during routine vessel checks on the MSC DYMPHNA at the Tema Port.

The disagreement stemmed from GPHA security personnel’s insistence on conducting searches on the immigration officers after they had completed their inspection duties at the Tema Port.

However, a GIS inspector objected, asserting that while bag searches were permissible, body searches of the officers, particularly by male security personnel, were not acceptable.

The objection led to a verbal confrontation between the two groups, escalating into physical altercations and resulting in the uniform of one officer, identified as AICO II Boadu, being torn.

In a press release, the GPHA confirmed the incent and recognised “that it could have been handled more effectively to prevent escalation.”

The GPHA added that it prioritises the “safety and security of all stakeholders and condemns the behaviour displayed by both parties involved.”

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Source: classfmonline.com

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