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Chief of Staff calls for preservation of Asante culinary heritage for future generation

Ghana’s chief of staff, Akosua Frema Osei-Opare, has called for the compilation of an indigenous Asante food recipe book as part of moves to preserve Asante culinary heritage.

Amidst the festivities celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of Asanteman at a durbar of Asanteman Queen Mothers and Food Fair on Monday, April 22, 2024, Osei-Opare took a moment to highlight the significance of traditional foods in shaping the region’s identity.

“As a food scientist and nutrition expert, I am aware of some interesting recipes that we have in Asanteman,” she remarked, her eyes alight with nostalgia for the flavours of her youth.

Reflecting on the diversity and complexity of Asante cuisine, Osei-Opare marveled at the array of dishes on display at the food fair. “The array of food in Asante beats our imagination,” she exclaimed. “Indigenous Asante foods such as nuhuu, nkanfo, 3to, ogo, adibi a nkyene womu, nsi we3, and many others are gradually fading out of the system.”

Drawing from her own childhood memories, Osei-Opare painted a vivid picture of the disappearing delicacies that once graced the streets of Ashtown. “I remember, in my childhood days, we often were sent to buy a special ‘atedua ne akrakro’,” she recalled. “Today, it is difficult to come by such delicacies, even in Ashanti.”

In a heartfelt appeal to the event organisers, Osei-Opare urged for the compilation of these cherished recipes into an indigenous Asante food recipe book.

“May I humbly appeal to the organisers of this food fair to compile these foods into an indigenous Asante food recipe book, for the use by restaurants and future generations,” Opare-Osei said.

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Emphasizing the cultural significance of preserving Asante culinary traditions, Osei-Opare underscored the potential for such a book to enhance tourism in the Ashanti Region.

“This will not only preserve our culture but also enhance tourism in Ashanti,” she said.


Source: Ghanaweb

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