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‘Can we advise these Gen Z on friendship?’ – Nigerian lawyer laments ‘murder’ of Ghanaian lady, friend in Aba

Veteran Nigerian actor and lawyer, Anayo Modestus Onyekwere, alias Kanayo O. Kanayo, has reacted to the alleged murder of a Ghanaian lady and her Nigerian friend in southeastern Abia State of Nigeria.

The two, Celine Chidinma Ndidum and Ghanaian Afibah Tandoh, were in Abia State capital, Aba, reportedly to meet with a business partner.

They were last seen in April with reports suggesting that they had been killed by the man they had gone to visit.

Andrew Amaechi Ochekwo, the alleged kidnapper, has since been shot and killed by the police after he attempted to flee from lawful custody when he was being transported to Abuja.

Kanayo O. Kanayo, in a video posted on social media lamented what he said was the ease with which young people today strike friendships and the lengths they are ready to travel to meet people they connected with via social media.

“I come to you with a heavy heart because of bad news emanating from Aba, I ask myself that can you really advise these Gen Z, current generation on friendship?

“There are a lot of beautiful things happening on social media, internet and so on, but these friendship on Facebook and so on, how do we manage it?” he asked before relating the case of one Cynthia who travelled from Abuja to Lagos to meet her boyfriend only to disappear.

“Now we have Celine and Afibah from Ghana, that’s not a good one. I don’t know what they call runs or hookup,” he stated adding that despite the economic realities, “that cannot be equated to the cost of a life.”

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Generation Z, or Gen Z refers to people born between 1995 and 2010. The ‘Z’ in the name means “zoomer”, as this is the first generation known to ‘zoom’ the internet.

The veteran actor added that his advice was from a father, family person, elder brother who was seeking to understand from ladies who travel to meet strangers: “what is your evaluation and what do you need by travelling to meet people?

“Hard work is what it takes, whether you like it or not, truth is bitter and young girls must be appreciated, especially those doing small businesses to survive.

“To those of you preying, the law will catch up with you,” he cautioned.

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