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Brother and sister go viral for dating as they prepare to marry and have kids

The 21 and 19-year-old lovers revealed that they found out they shared the same dad months after they got into a relationship and have talked deeply in love to part ways.

According to the youngsters, finding out that they were related only made their love sweeter and maintained that there was no problem with them continuing with their relationship.

It has also been alleged that they plan to get married and have children together and Kyle’s mother supports their decision.

Netizens Reactions…

@IamEriOluwa – This is one of the things that happen when we don’t raise our kids together. We must stop glorifying single fatherhood and motherhood. And promote the family unit. And if you guys must separate. Please, introduce your kids to themselves. These parents seems to be incapable of putting their feets down and telling this kids NO because they probably haven’t played any real role in their lives. But whichever way, it’s not an excuse. I hope they come to their senses and let go of each other.


@carter_xclusiv – Even if they weren’t aware they were siblings at first but after knowing that relationship shud have ended a long time ago


@nazeefavisuals – Whoa, this is quite a situation! While I understand the outrage, Kyle and Brianna didn’t know they were siblings at first. They’re consenting adults, and their mom supports them. We should have some empathy and respect their choices.

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