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Amewu’s dashcam video of train accident ‘challenged’ over time code skipping

Social media users are demanding answers as to why a dashcam video of the moments leading to the crashing of a newly imported train into a stationary Hyundai truck happened.

The incident which occurred on April 18 attracted public scrutiny after Railways Development Minister, John-Peter Amewu admitted that a viral photo of the wrongly parked truck was photoshopped.

He deleted a copy of the photo he shared on his verified Facebook page explaining that the post was put up by handlers of the page and that he had not seen it personally.

After that deletion, the minister posted a video ostensibly from the train’s dashcam.

Most people on social media had been calling for the video to be published to allow for a better assessment of how the crash happened.

The issue of contention has to do with how the time code on the 30-second video skips some 20 seconds jumping from 12:09:22 seconds to 12:09:41 seconds.

Critics are questioning why the time skipped and what could be the content of that period that remained absent.

The train, a Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU), was involved in a crash with a parked Hyundai truck, on Thursday, April 18, 2024.

Since the incident, proponents of the government and the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), including Minister Amewu, have made allegations that the incident was orchestrated to sabotage the deployment of the train.

The minister, in an interview with Citi FM, said that eyewitnesses have stated that the driver of the truck parked it on the Tema-Mpakadan railway line along the Asuogyaman District and “vanished.”

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The driver of the vehicle was arrested and according to reports has now been jailed to a prison term of 6 months.

Description of the video:

The train could be seen cruising along the railway line around 12:09 pm on April 18, 2024.

At around 12:10 pm after the train had made a curve, it was met by the Hyundai truck sitting across the railway line.

Unfortunately, the train could not stop quickly to prevent smashing into the abandoned truck.

The train smashed into the Hyundai truck at around 12:11 pm, dragging the truck along the railway line for a few seconds before it finally stopped.

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