Afrogospel Sensation Joseph Matthew Delivers Electrifying Live Performance of Chart-Topping Hit ‘Blessed’ with Abusua Band

Joseph Matthew, a renowned Afrogospel artist, has delivered a thrilling live performance of his hit song ‘Blessed’ alongside the talented Abusua Band.

This popular anthem has been a favorite among Afrogospel fans, enjoying extensive radio play and topping various music charts. With a massive following and impressive streaming numbers, ‘Blessed’ has left a lasting impact on fans.

The live rendition, which begins with a captivating intro, showcases Matthew Joseph’s seamless transition into a captivating performance, bringing a fresh and lively energy to the original. His unique style and charisma shine through, making this live performance a must-watch.

Experience the magic of Joseph Matthew and Abusua Band’s live performance of ‘Blessed’ below, and join the thousands of fans who have fallen in love with this Afrogospel masterpiece. Share this incredible experience with your loved ones and let the uplifting spirit of ‘Blessed’ inspire your day!

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